Audit for delete step won't log

Dec 15, 2010 at 1:05 PM

Hi everybody,

I just downloaded and registered this plugin. I had no problem registering create and update step, but I have a lot of problem with the delete.

Now I have this situation:

- I'm trying to log events for Case entity

- the parameters I used are the following for the delete step:

   Message - Delete

   Primary Entity - incident

   Secondary Entity - none

   Description - Delete of incident in Parent Pipeline

   Run's in user context - Calling User

   Eventing Pipeline etc. etc. : Post

   Execution Mode : Async.

   Step Deployment : Server

   Trigger : Parent


For Image:

   Image Type : Pre Image

   Entity Alias: AsynchronousStepPrimaryName

   Parameters : incidentid, title


If I look at my system job I can see: Status reason: failed.


My environment is Windows 2008 64bit, CRM 4.0 64 bit.


Can somebody help me??

Best regards

Gennaro Tangari